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About Us

KKBC is a Japan B2B agency that uses and maximizes data to understand human behavior, to create successful strategies, and convert marketing investment into marketing return. We provide bi-lingual services that enable us to do what we do best in these specific areas of our clients’ needs. KKBC focuses on maximizing the value of multinational corporate and product brands in Japan.

KKBC’s capabilities include media, marketing, digital marketing, public & press relations, creative, and promotion — providing an integrated solution for communication management. KKBC’s team of multicultural strategists and planners in Japan delivers cost-effective results, at the speed of global business, to develop integrated programs that separate our clients from their competition.


Founded in 2009 by Scott Owen Kuberski,

Our company strives to positively impact all brands. We believe that brands perform an important and necessary social function, and we support our clients in their efforts to build valuable brands that contribute to the advancement and betterment of society, and that will then further inspire all of the brands of the world.


KKBC builds brands with

We’re reality-based. We view creative brand communication in a data-driven way. With our plan-do-check-act methodology, we develop and test hypotheses, and accumulate learnings across programs. We integrate these learnings to drive program improvement, to produce increasingly more impact, and steadily generate more value for our customers .

Japan at a glance

Japan is relatively insular and while it does not stand completely disconnected from the rest of the world, Japan’s sensibilities evolve in a clearly different and unique direction. Japan maintains a unique language, business, advertising & marketing culture, and creative styles developed separately and uniquely from the West. Japanese has 5 written scripts which total approximately 3,000 characters, 50 Hiragana, 50 Katakana, 52 Roman characters, 10 Arabic digits, and thousands of Joyo Kanji and Jinmeiyou Kanji used in daily Japanese life. Japanese employs these scripts in various quantities, fonts, and layouts are important elements in producing readable, balanced, meaningful, and compelling textual Japanese content. Japanese tend to prefer high information density, enjoy stimulating layouts, playful and interesting copywriting, local imagery and photography, and are conscious of their shared singular ethno-national identity. Japan is among the most challenging of markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Soft trade barriers make Japan a challenging market for global companies. Japan also represents significant opportunity. During the past 30 years of cost-cutting, Japan has been underweight in technology investment, and also has a well-known chronic lack of technology human resources. Opportunities arise for US Tech Companies as the Japanese companies are actively looking to improve efficiency and strategic advantage with technology, and with their significant financial resources, Japanese companies are actively investing in technology.

KKBC Value Proposition

KKBC’s team of multicultural strategists and planners focused on Japan, delivering cost-effective results, at the speed of global business, to develop integrated programs, that separate our clients from their competition.

Japan-focused teams

Multicultural strategists and planners

Cost-effective results

Deliver at speed of global business

Integrated programs

Separate clients from competition

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