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Media play a significant role in the modern world. It has the power to bring awareness, even influence people. Because it attracts people, it has become the right place for businesses to connect with the target market.

Advertising in media is the fuel that drives many global businesses. Many media channels are available for businesses to advertise. Business can spread awareness about the products and services by broadcast their message to the media audience.

But advertising in Japan Media is a real challenge. Every media has its own characteristic, advantages, pros and cons. For example, each media create its own specification differently to each other. That would be challenging for advertisers in selecting media channel.

Our Capabilites
KKBC covers a range of media services that are needed by international brands to win in Japan market.
Media Planning

Defining the advertising objectives, target audiences, type of media, allocating resource and establish timelines to achieve the goals.

Media Buying

Purchasing ad space across various channels and platforms in coordination with the agreed-upon media plans and monitoring campaigns as they run.

Audience Insight

The data and information of the target audience, give a better understanding of the target audience to optimize the performance of ads.


We value efficiency and quick turnaround times. Our process is lean and to-the-point.

We are a local company that has been worked with both major and industry-specific Japanese media companies. Our capabilities include media, marketing, digital marketing, public & press relations, creative, and promotion — providing an integrated solution for communication management.

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