Digital Creative Services

KKBC goes beyond expressing their particular style when designing or enhancing the look of a website by focusing on the user experience and anticipating what the particular audience for a site wants to see and how they want to see it. We will help you find the most effective ways for users to interact with a site to make that determination, and the choices they make must align with the site’s brand and voice.

Our Capabilites
Digital Direction

Managing the operation workflow & production activities, utilizing the latest knowledge & techniques of web technology to create a website that relevant with the audience.

Digital Production

Producing all the creative ideas into a website and other related digital assets.

Landing Page

Standalone web page specifically for a campaign to give a focused information and to improve conversion rates.

Branded Website

Great foundation for an online presence, gives a clear picture of the brand and complete information.


KKBC can help you in adapting your brand so that you retain your important values and principles, while portraying yourself in the best light to your new market. We are supported by numerous research experts in the Japan market. Collaborating with our creative and tech savvy members in crafting pixel perfect designs and conceptualising exciting ways for brands and good causes to interact with your audience.

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