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Why Hub Page is Essential for Your B2B Digital Marketing Strategy in Japan

A hub page, also known as a content hub, is a valuable tool for B2B websites looking to improve their digital marketing strategy by organizing content around a central topic and linking to relevant pages. As an illustration, if your hub page contains digital marketing, you are able to connect related content, including search ads performance, social campaigns, content syndication, or digital marketing case studies with links.

Optimizing hub pages allows you to improve the display quality of your content and increase website traffic and engagement with your audience. A hub page also significantly benefits your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by improving internal linking, keyword rankings, and organic website traffic. This can lead to an increase in leads, brand authority, and a stronger overall brand.

A hub page is beneficial to implement on your Japanese language website to provide the Japanese audience with as much information as needed, making them stay longer on your website. Providing detailed information on a hub page is essential when targeting Japanese audiences since they tend to look for information on the website. According to the B2B Purchasing Behavior Survey Report 2019 by Leading Solutions, as many as 68.6 percent of Japanese B2B buyers rely on the corporate website as a source of information for selecting a business partner.

This e-Book will help you understand
  • Hub Page in Japan: Format, Benefit, and Challenge
    Japanese B2B companies often use hub pages to organize their website’s content and maximize their marketing strategy. Learn about several hub page formats commonly used by Japanese B2B companies, as well as the benefits and challenges to keep in mind when creating hub pages in Japan.
  • Preferences & Trends in Japan Hub Page
    Hub pages can be an effective way to keep audiences engaged on your website and provide them with more information about your brand, product, or service. By providing links to related content, you are able to increase website traffic and improve performance. Find out the insights on the latest preferences and trends for creating effective hub pages in Japan.
  • Hub Page Best Practices in Japan
    When creating a hub page in Japan, prioritizing the preferences of Japanese audiences by providing a piece of high-quality, relevant information is essential. Check out our top tips and best practices for maximizing engagement and driving traffic to your page.

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