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Japan Digital Ad: How to Avoid Fraud on Your Campaign

Over the past two decades, the advertising industry has undergone a significant shift toward digital channels. This shift has been facilitated by the proliferation of platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other niche social media platforms, allowing companies to reach specific audiences and market segments through targeted advertising. As ad spending on digital platforms grows, the surge in fraudulent attacks continues to boom.

Ad fraud covers a broad range of malicious activities in digital advertising for the scammer’s financial gain, causing unoptimized campaign performance while draining the marketer’s budget. The fraudulent activity also hinders an ad from being delivered to the right target audiences.

Japan is one of the top five countries which are most impacted by advertising fraud, according to Juniper Research’s latest report on Digital Advertising Fraud: Key Trends, Competitor Landscape & Market Forecasts 2022-2026. The Integral Ad Science (IAS) 17th Edition Media Quality Report shows Japan has the second-highest ad fraud rate on desktop display advertising at 3.3 percent in 2022, above the worldwide average, and the country also has the highest ad fraud rate on mobile web display in Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Japan’s high ad fraud rate is a particular point of interest as many global marketers leverage global platforms to advertise digitally nowadays. There is a considerable amount of loss in the campaign budget, a stark reminder of the significant impact that ad fraud has on advertising campaigns.

Uncover the latest ad fraud trends in Japan’s digital advertising landscape and learn how to safeguard your ad campaign from fraudulent activity in this white paper.


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  • Ad Fraud in Digital Advertising
    Fraudulent activity on digital ad campaigns prevents the delivery of advertisements to the target audiences by causing invalid clicks and impressions and reduced ad viewability. Scammers often use programmed bots to imitate real users and click on certain links to generate fake clicks on digital ads, impacting ad campaign performance and ROI.Ad fraud can take many forms to generate fake traffic, clicks, and ad impressions. Discover the various forms of fraud that pose a threat to digital advertising campaigns and learn how to protect against them.
  • How to Avoid Ad Fraud in Your Japan Digital Ad Campaign
    Ad fraud can be a significant challenge for marketers in Japan, as it can lead to wasted ad spending and drain budget, unoptimized campaign performance, and damage to the advertiser or marketer’s reputation. Explore strategies to safeguard your digital campaigns in Japan from ad fraud and ensure effective digital campaign results in Japan.



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