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Google Search Ads Targeting: Desktop vs Mobile Device in Japan

Targeting impacts search ad campaign performance by deciding when, where, and on what device your advertising is displayed to your audience. Knowing the benefits and challenges of each device platform is essential to maximize campaign performance in Japan.

Learn more about how to optimize your Google search ads device targeting in Japan to help you reach your audience and boost conversions.

This e-Book will help you understand
  • Device Targeting in Google Search Ads
    An introduction to Google search ads devices targeting. Get to know the definition and how device targeting work to target your audiences.
  • Desktop and Mobile Device Targeting in Japan
    When you ask which is the most suitable device to target the Japanese audience, the answer might vary because both devices have advantages and challenges. Discover the advantages, challenges, and both desktop and mobile targeting strategies to create effective Google search ads in Japan.
  • How to Optimize Desktop and Mobile Ads in the Japan Market?
    After knowing each device’s benefits and challenges, find out steps to look at for optimizing the device targeting search ad campaign in Japan.
  • Case Study: Google Search Ads Campaign with Device Targeting
    Learn how to maximize your ad campaign and determine which device is well-suited for reaching Japanese audiences with our device targeting best practices and case studies.

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