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Career Story: A Glimpse Into the Japan B2B Customer Success Role

Life moves quickly in the digital agency world, from working with clients to running various campaigns with internal teams. There is a marketer role in the agency that serves as a liaison between the support teams and focuses on customer loyalty; Customer Success.

Customer Success in KKBC Japan B2B Agency

Customer Success is the agency’s front-liner specialists dedicated to bringing the client and the agency to achieve high-quality business objectives. Customer Success needs to deliver the client’s objectives to the internal operations team. Additionally, effective and consistent communications are the best tools in a Customer Success toolbox, and both client relationships and satisfaction become the primary responsibility.

Working with various multinational companies in the B2B market is exciting and challenging because each company has its values, perspectives, and goals. As a B2B agency marketer, we have to bring our skills and help businesses generate opportunities. It is essential to assist our clients in optimizing their marketing operations and achieving the best results.

KKBC focuses on maximizing the value of multinational corporate and product brands in Japan. Therefore, a deep understanding of the client and clarifying the Japanese market’s uniqueness to them is vital, as many businesses are still unaware of the dynamic business market in Japan B2B and how it differs from the global market in general. From that point, we help them achieve their goals by providing suitable tactics. We assist in delivering their content to the Japanese market by using specialized localization.

The Perks & Challenges

Customer Success offers numerous benefits. Collaborating with a multinational company will give a lot of new experiences in addition to expanding B2B skills. Additionally, a Customer Success can learn how to manage multiple campaign budgets effectively and improve communication and negotiation capabilities with various projects. After a while, Customer Success can gain more knowledge about project management.

Besides meeting client expectations, Customer Success also has to provide the best of the best campaign performance and good objective results to keep the client updated at all times. However, we admit that things do not always go as planned. Even if we try our best, some factors are beyond our control. We never want to disappoint any client, so it is critical to evaluate things and provide clear communication to them. Never, ever, ever lie to a client because their trust matters.

Being a Customer Success in an agency is a one-of-a-kind experience. The fast-paced environment can be demanding, but it will help improve skills and professionalism. Deep knowledge of this field will undoubtedly benefit in the future.

“If you enjoy assisting and communicating with others, meeting new people, and taking on new challenges in the marketing industry, then Customer Success is the perfect job for you.”
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