Case Study

Programmatic Display Lead Generation Case Study

Our client is a networking technology company based in the United States and operates in more than 100 countries. Our representative brand is one of the leading companies that design and market IT networking products and IT security products.

Proceeding to promote their SD-WAN product, our client wanted to acquire quality leads from the Japan market. Thus, KKBC came up with the tactic to achieve the goal by utilizing programmatic advertising with Google Display Network.



The key objective of the campaign was to acquire lead information with SD-WAN eGuide download offers.


  • Display advertising is best suited for awareness and upper funnel objectives, rather than lead generation. The main challenge of this campaign was to target the correct audience, and drive them to download the client’s assets.
  • Expanding their range of awareness generation options, our client decided to begin display advertising with this campaign, and we recommended leveraging the Google Display Network while synergizing with their Google Search campaigns.
  • We localized the client’s global creative and copy to ensure sure that we targeted & attracted the appropriate audiences to the landing page.
  • We employed both prospecting, with intent targeting (keywords interest), and remarketing, from paid search campaigns, to perform multi-variate ad testing.


  • Although we expected the campaign to be challenging, we managed to acquire 151 leads. (101 leads from prospecting with intent targeting and 50 leads from remarketing)
  • Since the campaign started in 27th December of 2019, we saw standout results with Google Display Networks Programmatic Advertising: Over 6 million total impressions, Over 11,000 clicks.
  • Average CTR was 0.19%, slightly higher than the national benchmark of 0.18%.
  • 151 leads with $52.52 cost per lead.
  • Conversion rate was very high for this B2B display advertising campaign.




3 Months




Total Leads 586% more than planned






87% cheaper than planned


Total Clicks
115% more clicks than planned

6014682Total impressions
283% more than planned
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