Case Study

Awareness-focus Programmatic Display Campaign

In 2019, KKBC began working with a multinational software company with 25 years of experience in the enterprise open source solutions technology category. Our representative brand conducts campaigns across various regions, aiming to acquire upper funnel awareness and increase product education, specifically how the client’s solutions support IT Decision Makers utilizing Open Hybrid cloud, and drives qualified traffic to program landing pages.

Our client requested KKBC to run and manage the Japan awareness campaign for two months.


  • Educate target audience within defined accounts about client’s solutions portfolio
  • Build engaged audience pools for client to remarket for contact acquisition
  • Media/Campaign Metrics : Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPC, CPM
  • Website Metrics : Page Views, Unique Visitors, Cost Per Unique Visitor, Bounce Rate, Dwell Time


  • The primary challenge of this campaign was to ensure a very narrow target audience received our specific message.
  • The message was very specific in nature, so targeting the right audience was crucial to the success of the campaign.
  • We recommended programmatic advertising for this reason. With this tactic, we were able to set highly specific targeted audiences based on data obtained through both first-party and third-party data sources.


告は 絞り込んだターゲットに対し約 1000万インプレッションリーチし, 製品・ソリューション情報を掲載したランディングページへのトラフィックは着実に増加。.

ディスプレイ&ビデオ360 (DV360)を採用したプログラマティック広告は、絞り込んだターゲット向けの広告を可能にし、 高いCTRと専用ランディングページへのトラフィック増加を通じ、正しいターゲットへのリーチを継続的に示してくれます。




2 Months





CPM, On DV360
For Awareness


CPC, On DV360
For Awareness


CTR, On DV360
For Awareness

4 minutes
30 second

Average Dwell Time


Total Clicks
1,625% of planned clicks

9964230Total impression from DV360 Campaign
179% of Planned Impression
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