Case Study

Live Physical Event Registration Promotion Campaign

With 25 years of experience in the enterprise open source solutions technology category, our representative brand conducts annual summits across the regions. The summit is the open source technology event for thousands of IT professionals to innovate and focus on high-performing Linux, cloud, automation and management, and container technologies.

As the world’s third largest economy, Japan is brimming with possibilities for the company taking a global leap. The client aims to hold this summit in Tokyo to drive brand awareness, stimulate the local industry, ignite dialogue and build authentic engagement with the Japan market.


The client understands that IT is an industry that doesn’t stand still, and neither does the people involved in the industry. The client’s products and services provide the essential building block of open source, and the summit is where it comes to life. It’s a place to learn, network, and experience open source.

Through the summit, the client seeks to add value to the IT community and build an even stronger network of IT professionals in each region. And inform a wider range of audience that open source core gives the proven advantages and flexibility we all need.

KKBC has been managing the client’s advertising campaigns since 2018 and for this particular project the client asked us to promote the event and get the right people to register. Bringing measurable results in conversions was squarely in mind. Thus, KKBC devised an integrated advertising program to take advantage of digital media channels that were the best match to our client’s target audience.

– Promoting event
– Getting people to register


Facebook Display Advertising

KKBC mapped out the target audience into few categories:

  • Interest, Brand

    The corporate brand

  • Interest, Topic interests

    Topics covered at forum

  • Remarketing

    Remarketing to all brand website visitors

  • Look Alike

    Audiences that recently converted, 3% level

  • Interest, Competitor

    Competitor Brands

DV360 Display Advertising

KKBC ran the display advertising campaign on the DV360 platform, based on 1st hand client audience data.

KKBC leveraged visitors data acquired from ad campaigns that KKBC had previously successfully executed for the client.

EDM Campaign

  • Platforms

    Major Business Media (200,000+ premium members)
    Major IT-focused Media (over 600,000 members in IT Category)

  • Mailing Content

    We composed an engaging email in Japanese, employing Japan market best practices and our understanding of the category and the client’s forum topics.

  • Targeting Approach

    KKBC set specific targeting with each media partner for the eDM to target the right audiences:
    - IT Decisions Maker
    - IT Engineers
    - IT Professionals



Time Range

16 days


JPY 5060000



Total conversion across platforms was 154% of expected goal


CPC, On DV360
Event awareness


CTR, On DV360
Event awareness


Registrations from EDM Campaign
On Japan Business & IT Media


Registrations, ¥2,645 CPL
On Facebook

9029991Total impressions from DV360 Campaign
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